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Affiliate System

pay for results

Our rich and long-standing experience in the online gaming industry has given our team enough knowledge and skills to create a sophisticated ‘affiliate’s system.

It is not only multifunctional with flexible and simple aspects but also a perfect product to allow online casinos to quickly and efficiently perform all their integrated operations without much effort.

  • Easily control affiliates’ work
  • Manage your marketing campaigns, assets and commissions.
  • Systematically upload and update any type of marketing activities.
  • Manage automatic or manual payments
  • Possess full statistics and detailed report
  • Have an admin panel available on both your desktop and smartphones
  • Enjoy tailored payment solutions/system ( revenue share, CPA, mixed model )

Casino Payment System

Safe and secure system for all transactions

We guarantee a secure payment system that provides you with an unlimited amount of international and local transactions with any type of bank card. Hence any fraudulent acts are bound to fail.

  • Receive constantly updated information in real time about participation and cash deposit
  • Use existing payment methods or activate your involvement from a flexible back office system
  • Operational back office that helps you get valid information about your balance any time you want as well as cash deposit
  • Use a variety of payment methods such as credit and debit cards (Digital Wallets, Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfers)
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Chargeback fraud control
  • Save Time - and finances to ensure the safety of financial transactions
  • 24/7 Support Group

Casino Bonus System

we offer you enjoy!

A multitude of bonus types allows you to easily send not only individual users but also their groups any kind of personalized offers. It also helps you to attract potential customers and ensure their full participation in online games.

Bonus system includes features :
  • Unlimited number of configurations
  • Take advantage of existing filters or ask for additional options
  • Brings together any consumer group based on their demographic data, interests, game history and spending habits.
  • Multi-Trigger bonus programs for deposit, registration, login, claim, wagering and their loyalty towards a casino
  • A variety of bonus packages for customers with different needs.
  • Plan and conduct campaigns and get additional automation capabilities
  • Includes 24 hour access to detailed info about bonus system allowing you to assess its effectiveness.

Casino Backoffice

We always keep our back-office update

Powered by years of gambling experience the back-office is the very heart of your casino users and ensures every process to run as smoothly as possible therefore, it is essential to have a constantly updated back-office in order to successfully run your casino.

The simple and complete back office system from augaming helps you get any type of information about the revenue and customer performance. From the same platform, you can manage to plan various marketing campaigns.

With permanent access to the back office you can systematically anticipate and manage risks, enjoy bonus systems, have records of your profits and benefits, data analysis, and reporting. in addition to all the above features, casino management can easily control:

  • Win and loss analysis of number of registered users
  • Number of registered users
  • The history of the biggest win and loss
  • Demographic statistics
  • Customer segmentation and target audiences
  • Existing or expected risk
  • Transactions

Casino Risk Management

Risk minification tools for your success casino

‘Upgaming’s Risk and fraud monitoring team is always agile to gain the latest information on anticipated risks and gaming cheats. With the help of upgaming back-office you will be able to set different limits that prevent any attempts of cheating or help you control any kind of operations.

With Our Risk Management Tools You Will :
  • Receive real-time updated information about fraud attempts
  • Set limitations on any player or player group
  • Create a safe environment for developing your business

Casino Agent System

Offline Payments for your online Casino

Break free of traditional payment methods and limitations, upgrade your Casino and receive offline payments, create your network of agents, customize their rights and chain-of-command, grow your business with Upgaming's agent management system allowing you to:

  • Serve offline players with your online Casino
  • Create chain-of-command for your agents and give custom permission
  • Create a multi-level network with unlimited super agents, subagents, and agent accounts
  • Create additional roles within the agent system
  • Manage a flow of credits and deposits
  • Control a share of profits between an operator and agent
  • Transfer credit/ money to the player or an agent
  • Control risks and analyze the data
  • Allow agents to build your network by enabling them to employ new agents and players
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