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Upgaming And Its Sportsbook With the Highest Odds Always In Your Favor

August 5, 2021

People love games, and they always try their luck. The history of sports betting starts centuries ago, right after sports appeared. Then, with the internet appearance, people started placing bets anytime from anywhere and on any device, resulting in creating a billion-dollar industry that continues to grow year after year.

Upgaming and its Sportsbook

Upgaming offers its business partners one of its best products - Sportsbook, with features and functions providing a multi-profile, fast and high-quality service.

With 75.000 live and more than 100.000 pre-match events per month, 4.500 betting types on over 140 sports makes our sportsbook very attractive for the players worldwide.

To double the profit of its business partners, Upgaming developed unique and flexible features for its sportsbook. These features include: - Cash-out
- Add game - for making the sportsbook easy to handle by adding a new game function in the existing ticket
- Delete function - to delete a game in the existing ticket easily
- Save function - to track the odds and their variability and save the information for a desirable match
- Swap function - for the possibility to replace the existing ticket with a new game
The mentioned functions give online casino owners detailed information on the effective ways to guarantee a steady increase in casino revenue and satisfy their users.

We increase customer engagement

One of the main goals in the online casino business is to gain as many loyal customers as possible because this is what makes the casino business successful and up-and-coming.

Therefore, Upgaming offers some unique tools that increase customer engagement. Such tools are: - Match tracker - for providing a player with immediate statistics about the game
- Live stream - driving the player to make additional bets, thus increasing customer loyalty and casino income.


One of the leading indicators of casino business success and number one selling point has always been more significant returns, better odds, and the number of bets players make. With the help of the bookmaker in Upgaming, it is easier to place wagers because, by keeping the balance between the stakes, calculating and setting the best odds, our bookmaker helps the casino win time and money and thus, maximize its profit.

Bonus system

Everyone loves what is free. So, Upgaming uses a sophisticated bonus system as a method of an online casino promotion. We provide our business partners with a thoughtful bonus system, including:

  • Welcome bonuses - to welcome new players, encourage them to join the online casino, and, more importantly, share the details that allow the casino to reach them with different marketing campaigns.

  • Free bets - a beautiful way to build an enduring connection with the players. This kind of bonus gives the casino chance to keep the most valuable players and not let them leave the online casino negatively.

  • 3+1 bonuses - let players stay longer and play more, thus resulting in more income for online casino

  • Customized bonuses - that help online casinos increase players' retention on the platform by giving them tailored bonuses derived from the unique needs and requirements of the online casino and its players.

Shortly speaking, Upgaming, with such a diverse and unique bonus system, helps online casinos activate users and make them stay longer in online gaming and thus, give the online casinos operate successfully.

Why choose Upgaming?

The reason why online casino owners should choose Upgaming and its sportsbook are not only its unique and compelling features that make players stick longer but also: - Continued progression and advancements in technology
- A user-friendly interface, easily handled from any mobile device
- Personalized design complying with high industry standards
- UX research tailored for the online casino

A combination of all the mentioned creates a better, more immersive experience that people enjoy.

So, let us know about your needs and requirements, and our professional team will help you build a successful sportsbook.

Contact us at: [email protected]

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