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"The resume submitted by you, in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection, may contain personal data, including data of a special category. We would like to inform you that your personal data will be processed by the "Upgaming AG-Georgia Branch" in order to make a decision on employment and, also to determine the eligibility of the candidate for the current/future vacancy requirements and will be stored for a maximum of 5 years."

"The company takes strict measures to avoid direct or indirect discrimination for any reason, including: race, color, language, ethnic or social belonging, nationality, origin, property and rank, status of employment agreement, place of residence, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, health condition, religion, belonging of any public, political or other type of association, including trade union; marital status, political or other views, or other marks giving rise to prohibit equal treatment and possibilities during employment process and professional activities."

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