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Igaming Products for your gambling business

August 3, 2021

One of the essential steps in running a successful online casino business is finding a reliable and solid partner, which provides the casino owner with variety of unique products. Upgaming is one of such providers, effectively operating in this industry since 2014. With its team of highly qualified professionals and their fast and exceptional performance, the company delivers a wide range of advanced and versatile gambling products integrated into a fully customizable and user-friendly platform.


The Sportsbook is one of the company's main achievements and plays a vital role in the development and success of any online casino business. Effective agent and operational systems, as well as the highly functional back-office, allow Upgaming to provide a perfect environment for creating exciting and remunerative products, such as Sportsbook. It is a sophisticated and unique blend of features and functions, providing a multi-profile, fast, and premium service. It helps Upgaming's business partners gain customer trust and enjoy thousands of benefits in different markets. With the Sportsbook, our business partners get all types of sports (including 100.000 pre-match and 75.000 live events per month). Furthermore, they are eligible for unlimited customization options in the package, together with White Label and Turnkey solutions. Powerful frontend, flexible costs, and many other benefits, including the service of a bookmaker, who help the online casino win time and money simultaneously.


Another money-spinning product of Upgaming is E-sports, which gradually becomes more and more popular in this digital world, resulting in the rapid growth of the industry globally. Upgaming is a prominent distributor of high-end gaming components, including more than:

  • 50+ games
  • 1000 + events
  • Thousands of viewers of more than 3400 live events
  • Over 500 tournaments per month

Upgaming allows business partners to get more engagement and a new audience interested in competitive video gaming by providing rich gaming content with a huge fan base internationally. It promotes the industry, which has seen tremendous growth in recent years, resulting in increased profits for online casino owners.


With over 140 top providers, diverse and engaging table games, and live casinos, Upgaming’s casino content allows players to experience land-based gaming in a virtual and safe environment, including thousands of slots - products conveying not only millions of dollars per year but also uniting thousands of players spending a considerable amount of money regularly.


As it is cleverly noted in gaming business communities, if you give people a chance to win early and win often, you will capture their interest, but if you keep them engaged, you will drive the success of your business.

So, Upgaming offers its business partners popular, entertaining, and extremely engaging mini-games that are essential to the online gaming industry. Among the variety of mini-games, including HI-LO, KENO, CHICKEN, DICE, Upgaming also provides mini-game – DINO, exclusively created after comprehensive research and understanding of players' needs and requirements and what makes them stick longer to the platform.

DINO is an attractive and eye-catching game about a cute and funny dinosaur running away from the asteroid, featuring an engaging and straightforward gameplay, with impressive characters that result in increased profit from each player.

Regular research also helps Upgaming understand how the features of games can affect players. As a result, the company makes persistent improvements in its customer monitoring and customer interaction processes, thus perfecting the whole operating system and making the online casino business far more rewarding..

To Conclude

Our customizable platform stands out with a user-friendly design and effective bonus and affiliate systems. Combining up to date bets, tailored payment methods and variety of games, it creates an exceptional atmosphere for a player, letting them stay in game longer, bringing off higher numbers in Casino profit.

wait no more and get further information about our exclusive products that will make your online casino profitable on our well-designed web-page:, or contact us directly at: [email protected].

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